Advanced "kerf" calculator.

Advanced kerf calculator is an embeded program to iv·cnc, which calculates and redesigns the program to be cut, according to the "kerf" value. This means that you can cut with different consumbles (or method: plasma-oxygen), without redesigning the program in the office, but by just changinf the kerf value.

Example of kerf calculation:

This program can be added to any mach3 based machine. Ask us for more information.


IV·CNC® cutting controller.

The iv·cnc® is a pc-based numerical controller (cnc) for plasma, oxygen and waterjet cutting machines. Special hardware characteristics and design of the software, makes it ideal to work with industrial cutting machines.


Standard features:

Advanced “on load” Kerf Calculation, for cutting the same program with different consumables and tips, providing accuracy and speed in loading new cutting programs.

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